"Mustang This is how the birth name of it?" The answer to this question at the time 1964 years ago, when the Broncos spread about mass production in two versions: Lee Iacocca, vice president of Ford Motor Company ∙ watch Southern Methodist University Mustang After the football game, I feel that the very talented team, after the company decided to name the new sports car Ford Mustang, as Mustang teams, light, fast, sports.


Unfortunately, this is just an idea, there is no reliable evidence to support it, everything is like a Southern Methodist University Mustang football fans but also obsessed with the citys legendary Mustang enthusiasts coined. The real version of the Ford Mustang was named "Mustang Genesis: carriage creative product" and reads: "My boss RH ∙ Bob Maguire and I looked at a number of candidate names have been reading P- car before me. 51Mustang turbo suppliers fighter article, so this name in honor of the recommended Mustang P-51Mustang fighter, but Bob thought the name a little too "plane" of the idea and rejected. And I will again propose to simplify called Mustang, so this car Mustang Pentium associated with, because it seems to be more romantic.


He agreed, so we jointly determine the name on the spot. " Ford Mustang was named after a group of Ford Mustang tuning parts logo designers on study design goals both exhibit a correlation with the Broncos, but also reflects the spirit of the American flag. Ultimately, Phil Clark designed "flying Mustang" unanimously approved the crowd.